Welcome to the website of Alike Studio, a small indie game studio located in Barcelona, Spain. We specialize in compelling design, art and, above all, animation: our hallmark.


iOS / Android / PC / Mac
A crazy, point-and-click quest spanning all around the universe – presented by Alike Studio and Pati.io.
Love You to Bits

iOS / Android
A cute & accessible, purely visual, family friendly puzzle adventure… with a gameplay twist – created by Alike Studio.
Bring You Home


Alike is an indie game studio founded by the Terris Brothers, Marc and Xavi. Our team has years of experience in video gaming, graphic design, and animation industries. We enjoy diving into the creative side of a video game: its concept art, its level design and its crafted animation, the latter being our hallmark. We try to make the most of animation in our projects.

We’re passionate about our job, and we do it the best way it can be done. We take care of every single detail, hoping everyone will enjoy playing our games as much as we enjoy making them.

Our first game, Love You to Bits, has won a number of international awards and nominations.

Prior to Alike, we were part of Tiny Thief’s design team. We also took charge of all animation, which resulted in an Annie Award nomination.


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